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Smartlite S

Street Light LED from 3.750 lm, flat tempered glass, PMMA optics, 3000/4000°K

Armatura stradale ad altissima efficienza, senza alimentatore, con tripla protezione (fusibile-scaricatore-varistore), ottiche intercambiabili e sistema di sgancio rapido senza utensili.

Eficiencia energética

Source efficiency 192 lm/W @ 160mA 4000°K
Net effective efficiency 156~165 lm/W
LED power supply current <100mA
Optical group Lenses in PMMA - ULOR=0% LOR=100% DLOR=100%
Color temperature 3000°K/4000°K/5700°K
Color Rendering Index >70%
Photobiological risk Exempt Group
LED diode life >100.000 hh L90B05
Color RAL 7043
Gasket Pure silicone
Guarantee 10 Years

Datos técnicos

power supply Multiple on single chip, integrated into the LED board
Supply 230Vac ±10% 50/60 Hz
Insulation class II class
PF >0,98
Degree of protection IP66
Resistance index IK09
Operating Temp. ° C -30° / +50°C
Power connection 2-pole cable, max section 4mm2
Apparatus assembly Pole top or arm, Ø33-64mm (opt. Ø60-76mm)
Tilt adjustment -10°, -5°, 0°, +5°, +10°
Body material Powder coated UNI1706 aluminum alloy
Screen 5mm ultra bright tempered glass
TLC ready Yes
Card protection Ultra-fast fuse, MOV
SPD protection 10kV


433x260x128 mm

3.9 kg


433x260x128 mm

3.9 kg


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